2015 Conference Workshops
(schedule coming soon)


Your Opening Page – How to Make the Best Second Impression
Managing the Business Side of a Writing Career
Which Publishing Path is Right For You?
Hating on the Draft
YOU HAVEN’T SCENE THIS BEFORE: Creating Unique and Compelling Settings
Grow a Great Character, Grow a Great Plot!
The Fast Start: Establishing Your Character’s M.O. From the Get-go for a Killer Opening
Dialogue is More Than Talking Heads
Twenty Rules of Storytelling
Common Writing Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
How to Write A Query Letter
Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts When Trying to Get a Book Published
WRITE RIGHT! Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot
Overcoming Fear – Getting Past a Blank Page
Clearing the Narrative Brush
Make $$$ From Your Writing
Write Your Book in Twenty Minutes

First Page Friday
Of the workshops on Friday, at least will be covering First Page critiques in preparation for the Afternoon and Evening First Page Read Panels